Company Information

Orca Inspection Services, LLC

(206) 713-5715

Inspected by: Dylan Chalk
WA State Pest License #: 65540
WA State Inspector #: 365

Published Report

Overall this house is above average for agent type. This is a townhome type condominium that seems to have had a recent exterior paint job and has a nice metal roofing system. There is a small recommended repair and maintenance list on the interior. The only more significant finding today was the need for some crawl space cleanup work. Please see the full report for specific details.

ICN#  10579AR008

Wood Destroying Organisms

This report includes a structural pest inspection embedded within the report. All observations in this report that begin with WDO are a part of a WA State Pest Inspection. Orca Inspection Services, LLC employs Dylan Chalk, Licensed Structural Pest Inspector ##65540. Please note that most WDO observations are related to high moisture conditions that could be conducive to mold-like substances. Orca Inspection Services, LLC is not a mold specialist and recommends consulting with an industrial hygienist or other mold remediation expert if concerned about mold or indoor air quality.Pest Inspection Standards in Washington State - WAC 16-228-2045 - REQUIRES THAT A DIAGRAM / DRAWING BE PREPARED FOR WOOD DESTROYING ORGANISM (WDO) REPORTS. IF THE PHOTOS AND DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE INADEQUATE, A DRAWING IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.


Major Concerns

  • CS3-1 Crawl Space:

    Overall, numerous repairs are needed to the crawl space below this house. I have made a series of detailed observations in the base of this report and below in this observations but given the extent of repairs I recommend further evaluation of this crawl space by a licensed general contractor who specializes in crawl space clean-up as additional repairs could be needed that are latent or concealed. Examples of observations noted during inspection include:

    • Pipe insulation is incomplete on supply piping
    • The plastic vapor barrier is rodent damaged and incomplete in places
    • The sub-floor insulation is rodent-damaged and requires repair and replacement
    • Wood debris should be cleaned from the floor.

Improve Or Upgrades

  • LF-1 Laundry Facilities:

    A moisture alarm with water shut-off features is recommended under the washing machine to protect against accidental leaks in the supply hoses. Pans can be effective when there is a drain, but even these will not protect against a burst supply connector. A moisture alarm with automatic shut-off will. Watts is a brand I have seen installed: Link.

Recommended Disclosure Items

  • CS3-2 Crawl Space:

    The crawl space was dry at the time of inspection but I noted indications of prior water in the crawl space. This is difficult to understand during a one-time inspection. It could have been repaired or it could have been from construction or it could be a seasonal on-going issue. In this case, I did see signs of drainage work at the exterior. This may have been done by the HOA? Disclose any additional information.