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Andrew Merriweather, NJ State License #24GI00200600
ICN# 72

Wood Destroying Organisms

This report includes a structural pest inspection embedded within the report. All observations in this report that begin with WDO are a part of a NJ State Pest Inspection. Clever Inspections employs Andrew Merriweather, Licensed Structural Pest Inspector ##NJ 62718B. Please note that most WDO observations are related to high moisture conditions that could be conducive to mold-like substances. Clever Inspections is not a mold specialist and recommends consulting with an industrial hygienist or other mold remediation expert if concerned about mold or indoor air quality.



  • RCG-8 Roof, Chimney, and Gutters:

    Several of the downspouts on the upper gutter system are terminating onto the lower roof. This is industry standard practice but it will prematurely deteriorate the roofing shingles in these locations. I recommend extending the downspouts into lower gutters to better protect the roof.