ICN#: 10296AR006

Wood Destroying Organisms

This report includes a structural pest inspection embedded within the report. All observations in this report that begin with WDO are a part of a WA State Pest Inspection. Orca Inspection Services LLC employs Dylan Chalk, Licensed Structural Pest Inspector #65540. Please note that most WDO observations are related to high moisture conditions that could be conducive to mold-like substances. Orca Inspection Services LLC is not a mold specialist and recommends consulting with an industrial hygienist or other mold remediation expert if concerned about mold or indoor air quality. Inspection Standards in Washington State - WAC 16-228-2045 - REQUIRES THAT A DIAGRAM / DRAWING BE PREPARED FOR WOOD DESTROYING ORGANISM (WDO) REPORTS. IF THE PHOTOS AND DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE INADEQUATE, A DRAWING IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Visible Evidence of Active Wood Destroying Insects None noted

Visible Evidence of Inactive Wood Destroying Insects None noted

Visible Evidence of Active Wood Decay and Fungi Present

Visible Evidence of Damage from Wood Destroying Organisms None noted

Visible Evidence of Conditions Conducive to Wood Destroying Organisms Present

Major Concerns

  • Powder Bathroom:

    (PB-3) Major Concern (WDO): The powder bathroom toilet needs to be reset and the wax ring and flange should be inspected and replaced as needed to prevent hidden plumbing leaks. High moisture meter readings were taken around the toilet, indicating there is a possibly of hidden water damage. It is difficult to determine the extent of needed repairs without further investigation. The toilet appears to be well mounted as it is not very loose on the floor. Repairs can be as simple as replacing a wax ring and caulking or more complex if repair of the bolts, sub-floor, waste line or flange are needed. Hire a licensed plumber to further evaluate and repair as needed.


  • Powder Bathroom:

    (PB-2) Repair (WDO): The waste plumbing below the powder bathroom sink is leaking. Hire a licensed plumber to further evaluate and repair.

  • Kitchen:

    (K-1) Repair (WDO): Scaling on the waste pipe below the lower kitchen sink indicates a history of weep leakage. Tune-up and tighten waste pipes as needed to insure reliable performance.

  • Roof/Attic:

    (RA-2) Repair (WDO): The gutters are clogged with organic debris and require cleaning and an all-around tune-up as multiple places were noted where gutters and downspouts are leaking and not sloped to drain - see loose gutters at SE corner. Clean the gutters and implement tune-up repairs to insure they are unobstructed, well fastened, leak free and sloped to drain.

  • Roof/Attic:

    (RA-5) Repair (WDO): The attic and roof cavity ventilation appears to be non-standard - see above garage conversion and also lower roof. Standards today recommend open ventilation levels in a ratio of 1 to 150 of the attic area. Proper roof cavity ventilation is important to keep the attic space cool and dry. I recommend having a qualified general contractor evaluate the level of ventilation on this roof and improve with ridge, soffit, core or other vents as needed. Proper attic ventilation is important for the roofing materials to perform as intended and to reduce chances for condensation problems and heat build-up in the attic

  • Grounds:

    (G-5) Repair (WDO): All trees, branches and vegetation should be pruned at least six feet away from the house to eliminate conducive pest conditions and rodent entry points.